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The Mani Peninsula in the Southern Peloponnese in Greece is an area with a rich and varied flora contained within a small land area and includes many endemic species. This three volume pictorial flora is a unique publication which devotes a whole page of photographs to each plant and, as appropriate, illustrates habit, inflorescence, flower detail, fruits, leaves, seeds, corms etc. In addition to the photographs each plant has an extensive botanical description detailing its characteristics and dimensions. Volume one contains general information about the area, maps, a glossary of terms and a key to the major families, while other volumes contain aids to the identification of difficult groups. In volume three a bibliography and information on web resources provide further information. The three volumes extend to more than 1400 pages and cover in excess of 960 different taxa, with the dicots occupying volumes one and two and volume three covering the monocots, gymnosperms and ferns.

Volume 1 ISBN 978-0-9574003-2-0

Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-9574003-3-7

Volume 3 ISBN 978-0-9574003-5-1

Format: 250mm x 210mm landscape, hard cover, full colour, profusely illustrated. Volume1 – 548 pages, Volume 2 – 582 pages, Volume 3 – 326 pages. Published September 2017.

(Available through Amazon and NHBS online)

Volume 1 – Dicotyledonae Acanthaceae to Euphorbiaceae

Volume 2 – Dicotyledonae Fabaceae to Zygophyllaceae

Volume 3 – Monocotyledonae Agavaceae to Typhaceae plus Gymnosperms, Ferns and Clubmosses